Our Approach

When working with my customers, I make it a goal to make them laugh, make them smile, and make them comfortable.  We differ in that we offer a laid back, un-stuffy approach to design.  I want my customers to feel ok with their budget, whether it be $500 or $50,000.  I want design to not just be a luxury for the wealthy, everyone deserves to feel great!  I take pride in gaining my customer's trust and bringing that smile to their face when they walk into their new space!

Our Story

The Nichole Hughey Co. started in 2013 when a local attorney office asked me to remodel their entire office.  I nervously agreed after staying home for several years with my children.  Once I started working on the project a part of me came back to life!  This work re-ignited an old flame for the love of making things pretty!  I decided to open my own business and work for myself doing what I love, and enabling me to work my own schedule around my children.  Over the past 5 years my company has grown tremendously, more that I would have ever imagined.  With every new project I get that same excited feeling and can't wait to see it through!

Meet Nichole Hughey

From a small town in Southeast Indiana, I grew up going to work with my mother at a local furniture store.  I went from organizing shelves and unpacking boxes, to decorating homes.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and putting a smile on someone's face!


Nichole Hughey


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